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It’s your money… PAY ATTENTION


The primary way in which I am able to help clients is to show them that it is not difficult to “PAY ATTENTION” and that if they learn to do so the confidence in, and understanding of, their investment/pension planning will rocket and results will improve. This is your money – no-one will look after it better than you

The OPEN MARKET OPTION for pensions. Why is it important to you?


Everyone at retirement age has the right to move their funds away from their existing pension provider to whoever will give them the best value for money in respect of retirement income. Why keep your funds where they are when you could be gaining more income elsewhere?

Final salary pension? It may be at risk!


Do you have benefits in final salary pension schemes from previous employments? If so this short presentation is essential listening if you don’t want to be in the same position as past British Steel and BHS workers who are now finding out just how much their pensions are at risk.

Huge tax savings for Company Directors aged 50-75


Aged 50-75 and taking dividends from you company? If so this 3 minute video could just save you a fortune in tax!

Learn how I increased a projected pension fund by 81%


In this video I talk to you about how I helped increase a 37 year old’s projected pension fund by 81% without increasing his contributions…Yes you read it right – 81%!

Your pension is YOUR MONEY – pay it the attention it deserves now and it will repay you in your retirement.

Pension Problems – How The Investment & Retirement Coach can help


Find out in just a few minutes how I have helped members of local networking groups to understand, take control of, and have confidence in their investment and retirement plans. Pay attention – it’s your money!

The Drawdown Evaluation Service – The Investment and Retirement Coach


I am drawing an income from my pension plan (Drawdown) and know just how scary the process can be when there are stock market declines and extreme volatility. Seeing the value of your plan decline each month is not fun.

This short video is essential viewing for all of you in Drawdown or planning to retire in the next few years. Whether or not your plan will adequately support your lifestyle in the future will depend largely on how much attention you pay to the process. Leaving it all up to your Adviser is just too dangerous. It is your money, your future, and you need to pay attention.


Richard Cook – The Investment and Retirement Coach


In his 2014 Budget Speech George Osborne said:

“People who have worked hard and saved all their lives, and done the right thing, should be trusted with their own finances.”

This sums up the philosophy of The Investment and Retirement Coach programme perfectly. Unlike Registered Financial Advisers we don’t tell you what to do with your money. We help you make smart choices. You’ll get access to the very best tools, information and guidance available on line. Then we support you in making your own sound financial decisions. Put simply we help you reduce charges and enhance performance whilst feeling in control of your money. After all; no-one looks after your money better than you.


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