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Hargreaves Lansdown Investment Times Commentary Sept 2013. Our summary for those with little time!!

Investment Times

As regular Blog readers will know we recommend Hargreaves Lansdown as the “go to” site for investment transactions, research, information and special reports.

Their monthly Investment Times magazine is always worth reading but we are aware that most investors only give it a cursory glance. The full version if you are not on their mailing list can be accessed here.

Starting with the September issue The Retirement Team will be offering a commentary which will highlight the important issues and add our views where relevant. If you have appointed The Retirement Team as your Financial Coach you will also receive a personal email highlighting any issues particularly relevant to your circumstances.

PETER HARGREAVES “Under the microscope”

If you do nothing else you should always read articles by Peter Hargreaves one of the founders of Hargreaves Lansdown. During my 30 years plus as a Financial Adviser I have developed a deep respect for Peter who is consistent in his views and always talks sound common sense. I totally agree with the following paragraph from his article.

A number of factors are combining at present to provide a positive environment for stock markets. The green shoots of recovery have begun to emerge and the Governor of the Bank of England has indicated that interest rates will remain low to support the economy. Most important of all signs of a new confidence amongst investors has resulted in a buoyant market.

LEE GUARDHOUSE A wealth of research

This article summarises the importance of choosing funds from within The Wealth150 list. Outperformance of almost 50% compared to the relevant indices over a ten year period is a very good starting point.

ED LEGGETT Three shares I believe are set to reward investors.

Oh yes!! One fund manager’s view. Why follow him? Unless you are a high risk investor with loads of time on your hands don’t even think about running your own share portfolio. A well selected and monitored range of funds from the Wealth 150 list will do the job with much less risk.

KATE MARSHALL A fresh start

Why fill up a page to tell you “those wishing to invest new money in this sector might be better served elsewhere ” Agreed — stick to Wealth 150 funds.

MARK DAMPIER My eureka moment!

Mine to! Don’t invest in Venture Capital Trusts through Hargreaves Lansdown. Only for sophisticated high risk investors and not for “DIY ” investors. Can be very tax efficient but take some specialist advice. We can set you in the right direction if you really are “high risk”.


  • Old Mutual UK Dynamic Equity
  • SLJ Global Absolute Return
  • Cazenove Europe
  • Neptune Income

Why oh why do Hargreaves not have the courage of their convictions and tell you to switch. There are plenty of alternatives within the Wealth 150 list. Don’t delay. MOVE!!!!

PETER HARGREAVES Are your funds under the radar?

A good example of the benefits of switching. But Peter did you actually “recommend” switching or did you use weasel words like “we don’t believe existing investors should sell the fund provided it still meets their objectives.”


We hope summary this helps. If you have the time by all means read every issue. Their information, research and guidance can be invaluable. But if you need more support why not appoint me as your Financial Coach. For a no cost initial discussion email me with “Financial Coach” in the header. Don’t forget that if you have already appointed us you will receive a personal email pointing out anything which is relevant to your personal circumstances.


This document and our on going services are not personal advice. We'll give you all the help and guidance you need to make your investment and retirement decisions, but we can't advise you. If you're not sure whether you need regulated financial advice we can put you in touch with a suitably qualified and experienced regulated adviser. Because we are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority you will not have access to the Financial Ombudsman Service in respect of any complaints. If you use one of the "no advice" on line services to handle investment transactions they will be Regulated and you will have access to the Ombudsman and The Financial Compensation Scheme in respect of their services. The value of investments/pension plans can fall or rise depending on market performance. The Retirement Team and The Investment and Retirement Coach are trading names of Capture Success Ltd Reg No 01825075 Tel 07770575122

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