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Final Salary

Pension Transfers from Final Salary Schemes

“With Richard’s help and guidance, I arranged the transfer from my final salary scheme. His patient explanations helped me to understand the minefield of paperwork and forms, and enabled me to consider my options carefully and without any pressure.  With Richard, you can ask the most basic of questions and always get a sensible and measured answer.  I now feel far better informed, more confident and in control of my own portfolio and I would not hesitate to recommend his services”. Fiona, Tewkesbury

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“Richard assisted with facilitating a transfer of my defined benefit pension to a SIPP with Hargreaves Lansdown in 2017. This is a major financial decision and it was important to have an expert on board. The whole process took 3 months to complete, and was relatively smooth despite the many compliance hurdles to overcome. He provides sound guidance and a very cost effective service compared to many others on the market and I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard’s services for those considering similar transactions”. Charlie, Cheltenham


“I am no stranger to the rigmaroles of heavy weight administration, bureaucracy, regulation and ambiguity. I have to say however that transferring a pension fund out of an employee based DB scheme into a 3rd party provider involves this, (as one might expect) but also a new set of challenges and the need for specialised expertise. I have now successfully transferred my own DB fund, but would have neither seriously contemplated the option nor proceeded, were it not for the support of Richard.

Richard provided crucial input, helping me navigate through the rather intricate processes involved. He brought long standing expertise, knowledge, connections, foresight and a certain confidence, which fundamentally underpinned what resulted in a very successful outcome for me. This being the total transfer out from my employee based pension scheme, affording me the various opportunities and options I desired over simply taking the traditional lifetime fixed income stream from a typical DB scheme. I didn’t consider that best for me. The benefits of transfer fit my needs very well, including complete access to my funds to invest and use in a way which is particular to my own circumstances, real income needs and life aspirations.

Richard provides me invaluable support in thinking through my investment options too, to ensure I remain wise to, and consistent with my overall retirement strategy. If one’s personal circumstances align appropriately, then transfer is a serious option, and for me should therefore be seriously considered. I at least wouldn’t suggest it be discounted without some solid thought and consideration. I would council anyone interested however, not to seriously attempt this on their own – see Richard”. Tim, Cheltenham

“I contacted Richard to help see if he could help identify the relevant issues affecting me and my family should I transfer out of a previous employers Final Salary scheme. From searching the internet and looking at other articles I thought I had most bases covered but Richard’s experience added many more areas to consider… With the help of an IFA to cover the official parts it was soon clear to me I should move forward. I am 46 so have time for my pot to grow and am pleased I have taken control of my pension. Richard’s services also extended to looking at the best platform for me to manage my pension pot and a strategy to set me up. We kept in touch for a year and after 6 and 12 months made a few tweaks. I have already recommended Richard to two friends, safe that I got great service and value… certainly if you think it’s an option for you I would recommend you get in touch”. Andy, Winchcombe

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