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Don’t you hate the thought of being on a never-ending NHS waiting list?

As much as we love our NHS and their committed staff, it doesn’t look as if it is going to get better any time soon. So, what can be done about it? All is not lost even if you are close to, or in, retirement.

This is not my area of expertise so I have sourced an expert in private medical care to say a few words about the options which may be available to you and what to do if you would like to know more.

Over to James Weaver, Appointed Representative of the WPA Healthcare Practice.  The Western Provident Association was founded in 1901 and is the 5th largest private medical insurance provider in the UK. Proud of their not for profit status and voted the UK’s best health insurance provider 2020 by MoneyFacts, WPA is commended by 62% of consultants.


With over 15 million people on the waiting lists for NHS treatment, and a potential 24-month wait to see a consultant, maybe it’s time to ask ourselves some questions:
  • If I was in pain and was given a 12 month wait time for a surgical procedure, how would it impact me and my family, physically and mentally?
  • Just how long would I consider to be too long to be taking pain relief?
  • How would I react to being told by my GP that they want me to see a cancer specialist, but there’s a 12 week wait time?
Nobody can doubt the heroics of our wonderful NHS over these last few months – we’ve all heard how NHS workers and their families have suffered so that we don’t have to. However, you only have to switch on your TV or Radio, and within a few minutes, you will probably hear that the NHS is in danger of being overwhelmed and that many treatments and diagnoses are being delayed or cancelled.
Many of us have robust financial planning in place, to ensure that we have ample money to provide for our retirement, but it won’t always be enough to pay for healthcare at the point of need.
The following diagram shows how much routine operations would cost (figures are a few years old, so are conservative by today’s standards).


Advanced, targeted therapies for the treatment of cancer are not included in the diagram, but they are also very costly. In the year June 19 – June 20 WPA processed 500+ cancer claims, of which nearly 200 (around 40%) were treated with drugs not available from the NHS in the patient’s area.
I give advice to individuals and families of all ages, on how to access affordable, effective health insurance cover. We have a number of options for the over 50’s, and I am in the process of helping an 83-year-old gentleman, who is the primary carer for his wife, so cannot afford to gamble with his health.
The advice I give is face to face (currently over a video call) and guaranteed. For more information, or just to find out how much your premium would be, please send an email to me at – james.weaver@wpa.org.uk or call me at my office on 01242 431055.
James Weaver – WPA Healthcare Practice Partner
Director of Slimbridge Health Limited.   Appointed Representative of WPA Healthcare Practice Plc
Not For Profit Provider of Health Insurance and Health Cashplans.   
07990 735494 | james.weaver@hcp-plc.org.uk | www.wpa.org.uk/jamesweaver








Thanks, James.   I hope that was of interest. If insurance is not for you another option is to earmark some of your savings/investments specifically to deal with possible health care costs. That is my area of expertise so if you would like to know more just drop me, Richard, a text on 07770575122 and I will be in touch.       



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