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Worry is not a good financial strategy

Worry is not a good financial strategy.

With rampant inflation, the Ukrainian war, rising interest rates, and political uncertainty, it is perhaps not surprising that many of us are worrying. It may seem that worrying helps but that is rarely the case. When I was running my previous business there was plenty to be worried about and I would ask my business […]

3 strategies to prolong your life

Why I plan on living past 100 and why you should set an extraordinary age goal too. Most people have a fixed mindset about how long they’ll live. Usually this idea is based on statistics, heredity, and their own personal health. But the usual way of looking at longevity doesn’t apply to everyone, and there […]

Can you identify something that would motivate and inspire you for the rest of your life?

Why is it that for some people retirement provides a new enthusiasm for life and for others it leads to a very rapid decline? I believe it all comes back to something I covered in a previous blog. One of the definitions of retirement is “taken out of use”.  I certainly did not want to […]

Prince Philip retires

Prince Philip retirement – lessons to be learned?

Last week Prince Philip announced he was stepping down from carrying out royal engagements as he approached his 96th birthday. That’s some retirement date. If I’m as fit and alert as he is on my 96th birthday what a result that will be. So is keeping on working the answer? If you have to – […]

Why I hate the word RETIREMENT

Do you want to be “taken out of use“? That is just one of the definitions of the word retirement from the Oxford English Dictionary. I decided a long time ago that I was not ready to be taken out of use and I expect that to remain the position for many years ahead. I prefer […]

Fitness in Retirement

OK which of my friends is mad enough to join me in my new fitness venture?

The Fast Diet

Healthy Diet

I’ve always believed that a healthy diet is very important, but as I’ve grown older it has become even more important to me. I want to live as long as I can and I want to be fit and healthy, therefore, I am very aware of my weight and the effects of the food I […]

walking a dog brings health and well being to retirement

It’s a dog’s life

It’s not just financial well being that’s important in your retirement. There are many aspects that combine to provide a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

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