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Retirement planning

There’s considerable potential for using pensions to maximise inheritances or reduce IHT

Not many people realise that a pension can be a more efficient asset to pass on as an inheritance than property or other savings. Even if you have made a will recently the chances of your solicitor giving real guidance on how to use a pension fund to maximise inheritances are very slim. After all […]

Plan your retirement on your terms

Are you going to get the best outcome from the pension funds you have worked so hard to build up or will a lack of knowledge or guidance mean that you are missing out on some very valuable planning opportunities? With people no longer choosing to retire at a single point of time the pension […]

Smiths Industries Pension Scheme: Time for action

If you remained in the Smith’s Pension Scheme at the time of the GE takeover all the evidence is that you made a very sound decision. Smiths take their pension responsibilities very seriously and over recent years have been de-risking the Scheme by insuring around £1.6 billion of the scheme’s liabilities for pensions in payment. […]

HMRC investigates IHT in a quarter of estates

More than 5,000 inheritance tax investigations are opened by HMRC each year representing about 25% of all estates that pay IHT. Inheritance tax is infamous for not only being disliked, but complex and at times deeply unfair. On top of that there is a one in four chance that, when your executors complete the IHT […]

IHT tax receipts hit record breaking £5.4 bn

These latest figures were published by HMRC just last week. Since 2009/10 receipts have increased both in terms of annual revenue and as a proportion of GDP. My view is that this is just plain wrong. Families who have worked hard and paid their taxes throughout their lives should not be penalised just because they […]

Would you like to be £8,000 better off courtesy of HMRC?

If you are a higher rate tax payer aged over 55 read on. If not unfortunately this is not for you. This is not theory. It is exactly what one Hargreaves Lansdown client achieved just before the end of the tax year. She was aged 57 and would have paid higher rate tax on about […]

Up to one million savers could lose valuable pension tax reliefs

This could be you if you are over 55 and have taken benefits from any of your pension plans If you are over age 55, accessing money from one or more of your pension plans looks to be dead easy on the face of it. The problem is that if you take more than the […]

How much money are your old pension plans costing you?

It is some time since I last covered the topic of how useless old pension plans can be. A report earlier this year showed that £33.6 billion of our money was allocated to under-performing plans. £33.6 billion in underperforming funds – is any of it yours?   Not only that but charges were much higher […]

Budget News: The Pensions Great Escape

After Philip Hammond described pension tax relief as “eye-wateringly expensive” at an IMF meeting last month most commentators were fearing the worst and expecting significant cuts in pension tax relief but that did not happen. Instead the lifetime allowance (the level of pension fund you can have without incurring tax penalties) was increased to £1,055,000, […]

£33.6 billion in underperforming funds – is any of it yours?

Since I last wrote about Best Invest’s landmark publication “Spot the Dog” (identifying underperforming funds) the amount of money in those seriously underperforming funds has risen from £17.6 billion to today’s £33.6 billion. That’s not just a blip in performance. It is underperformance for at least three consecutive years and it could be your money. […]

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