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Retirement planning

Millions leave their retirement planning to the “last minute”. Is that you?

What that means is that millions are facing a retirement full of doubt and uncertainty rather than confidence. Of course the earlier you start planning for retirement the better, but even when you are in your 50’s, paying attention, getting some advice/guidance, and consolidating old pension plans can have a dramatic impact on retirement lifestyles. […]

Wealth Shortlist

Hargreaves Lansdown. Wealth Shortlist – Update

When the Wealth 50 list was replaced by the Wealth Shortlist approx 20 new funds were introduced. Many of those were in Sectors not popular with my clients but some of the new funds are worthy of serious consideration. In some cases, my research indicates that the new fund(s) may be a better alternative to […]


Summer Economic Update. Good news but who is going to pay for it?

Taxing the much loved 25% pension commencement lump sum may well be in the Chancellor’s sights. Job schemes, stamp changes, VAT reductions – all good news about spending and stimulus but how is it going to be paid for?  Let’s enjoy our moment in the sun but make sure we are well prepared when the […]

Are you ready to rethink your retirement plans?

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced a widespread rethink of retirement plans according to an Aegon survey, particularly for the over 55 age group, the self- employed, and those already drawing from their pension funds. The Pension Freedoms introduced in 2015 have really come into their own with 20% of those over 55 dipping into or […]

Lloyds Pension Transfer

Special Report – Lloyds Bank Pension transfers

Over the last couple of years, I have been very privileged to guide a number of  Lloyds Bank employees and past employees through the minefield of organising a transfer out of the final salary pension scheme into a personal pension plan. The size of the transfers has been from around £200,000 to well over £1million. […]

Pension transfers

Final salary pension transfers – October deadline?

For many people, the transfer value of their final salary pension benefits will exceed the value of their house. No wonder therefore that, despite all the barriers to transfer erected by the Financial Conduct Authority, there remains considerable demand for transfer guidance/advice. New guidance from the FCA which comes into force in Oct will make […]

Unclaimed pension pots

£19.4 billion unclaimed pension pots. Is any of it yours?

  Yet another reason why reviewing your pension arrangements should be close to the top of your “to-do” list. But where do you start? Only 9% of UK adults use a Financial Adviser. Finding one prepared to help if you only have modest funds is virtually impossible and your pension provider will probably not be […]

Lloyds Customers beware

Lloyds customers beware the new Schroder’s financial planning offer.

During my 30 years as a financial planner, the High Street Banks had many a foray into financial planning only to withdraw and try again. This latest Lloyds Bank/Schroders venture doesn’t look to be any better. They claim to be able to undercut the fees charged by St. James Place but still come up with […]

Stock- market recovery? Don’t bank on it.

At the time of writing this the FTSE 100 Index is back above 6000, a gain of over 20% from the March 23rd low, with the Dow Jones recording an even better recovery. So why am I concerned and feel the need to sound some notes of caution? I have over 30 years of experience […]

2 in 3 couples failing to get retirement advice – is that you?

Those were the findings of a recent survey. Scary isn’t it? The pensions industry has a lot to answer for if people are scared to ask for advice which could have a major impact on their lifestyles for the rest of their lives. If the thought of taking expensive advice from a regulated financial adviser […]

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