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The changing face of ISA retirement income

What a difference five years makes… Five years ago, the average Cash ISA offered a comparatively attractive rate of 2.52%. This has fallen to just 0.33% and looks unlikely to rise any time soon. In contrast, the FTSE All Share Index currently offers a return of 3.62% (variable) and has provided a rising income. What […]

ISA or Pension – is there a right answer?

For most people, pension plans are still the right way to save for retirement. With up to 45% tax relief they offer one of the most tax efficient ways to save for later life. If an employer contribution is available that’s even better, so make sure you don’t miss out. What we all need in retirement […]

ISA or Pension – which will you choose?

“A third of retirement savers plan to rely on ISAs for the bulk of their retirement income rather than Pension Plans” – this is the surprising conclusion of recent research from MetLife. That both worries and scares me. An ISA is a great savings account but boy do you need some discipline if the funds are still going […]

CF Woodford Income Focus Fund – Launch Offer 11th April

Firstly a disclosure. I have been a supporter of Neil Woodford’s funds going back as far as 1988 and I currently hold his Equity Income Fund in both my Pension Drawdown account and my ISA account. He has built a well-deserved reputation as one of the UK’s finest fund managers with a track record of […]

Are you ready for April’s new IHT rules?

The good news is that the long awaited additional “family home” allowance of £175,000 per person starts to take effect from 6th April 2016. The bad news is that the starting point is only £100,000 and the full allowance will not be available until 2020.  Don’t make the mistake of assuming all is therefore well. […]

Financial New Year’s Resolution #4 – sort out a savings/investment plan for the children

I’m sure the Christmas presents were loved and appreciated, but how about moving on to a gift which they will truly value in the future? A Junior ISA could be the most useful and valuable gift. An account can be opened on line with a minimum of £100 lump sum or £25 per month and […]

Financial New Year’s Resolution #2 – sort out those cash ISA accounts

When you have worked so hard for your money surely it should be working hard for you. The average Cash ISA interest rate continues to fall and now pays just 0.52%. Hopefully you will be doing better than the average but even the best rates are pitiful. If all you have left in your Cash […]

Saving for children? A disaster waiting to happen?

Four years ago Junior ISAs were launched as a simple tax effective way for parents, grandparents or anyone else to save for a child’s future. Excellent intentions so what is the problem? Few people seem to realise that at 18 the young adult, with no financial experience, will gain total control of that money. Perhaps […]

ISA or Pension? Learn which is right for you!

Find out why Steve decided that an ISA was the right answer for him, at least for the time being. Steve is in his late 20’s running a reasonably successful Social Media consultancy which he expects to grow. He came to me and said “I think I need to start a pension – can you give […]

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