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Hargreaves Lansdown ditch Wealth 150 list

In a move which can only be for their own benefit Hargreaves Lansdown have ditched the Wealth 150 list and moved to a shorter Wealth 50 list of funds all of which provide fee discounts to HL clients. Whilst those discounts are welcome – and many were already available – they in no way compensate […]

Scary investment times

Are you scared that your hard earned investment/pension funds are on a slippery slope to disaster? If so you are not alone. Even after being involved in investment markets for more than 35 years I am finding the current situation very uncomfortable, particularly as the bulk of my income now comes from the investments I […]

Some investment thoughts in scary times

In the 30 years plus I have been providing investment advice/guidance we’ve hit the highs, slogged through the lows, entered the internet age, and seen an explosion of knowledge and information about investing. Here are 4 things I’ve noticed which  I think are worth thinking about: Human behaviour is still human The traits that help […]

Brexit: are you thinking of selling your equity funds/shares?

If so you are certainly not alone. At the moment we are all fighting against millions of years of evolution. Our brains are hardwired to look for and spot danger and then to take immediate action. The grey matter will also tune in to anything which will support the need to take avoiding action from […]

£33.6 billion in underperforming funds – is any of it yours?

Since I last wrote about Best Invest’s landmark publication “Spot the Dog” (identifying underperforming funds) the amount of money in those seriously underperforming funds has risen from £17.6 billion to today’s £33.6 billion. That’s not just a blip in performance. It is underperformance for at least three consecutive years and it could be your money. […]

7 ways to prepare your portfolio for Brexit

That was the title of a recent article from Hargreaves Lansdown. All good common sense and worth a read. The danger is that this looks like one of those times when one hasty decision could wipe out all the benefits derived from a well thought out, monitored and reviewed investment portfolio. To quote from one […]

Why is there a big gap between investor and investment returns?

All of the evidence is that the returns achieved by the average investor are well behind the returns provided by the average investment fund. The problem is that many people spend a lifetime trying to find the best investment and then blow it completely by making one big mistake at the wrong time. Even with […]

Are you one of the 45% of the self-employed with no pensions savings?

How sad is that? Millions of hard working, creative people heading towards retirement with the prospect of having to work forever. Are you one of them? This not scaremongering from a pension provider but hard fact from The Office of National Statistics Feb 2018. Statistics for small business owners are not available but I would […]

Year End Tax Planning

Don’t miss out on great tax planning opportunities because of past bad pension experiences. The 19th March 2018 was the fourth anniversary of the Budget which announced the unexpected and welcome introduction of the “pension freedoms” which have turned the pension world upside down and produced so many tax planning possibilities. Unfortunately prior to that […]

Wipe out your entire higher rate tax bill for 2017/2018 – do you qualify?

It will only take a brief telephone call to find out. This is not tax avoidance. It is well within HMRC rules and perfectly legal. Unfortunately it is not for everyone. For this to work you should be:- Aged between 55 and 75 Paying higher rate tax on earned income or dividends from your business […]

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