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6 Tips to keep your pension planning on point for 2021

New Year Resolutions? What better time to have a look at your pension planning and see how well you are doing particularly after all the 2020 Covid issues?  Give yourself a mark out of 10 on each of the following points. 7 or more and you are doing ok but could still improve. Less than 7 […]

Coronavirus- five huge pension mistakes to avoid

Are you thinking that your pension plan may provide a solution to temporary financial problems caused by Coronavirus? You may be right but there are some huge mistakes to be avoided and it may be worthwhile taking some advice/guidance before taking action. 5 Huge Mistakes To Avoid. 1. If you are over 55 most pension […]

£500 Cash-back offer – pension transfers. Don’t miss out.

Don’t you hate having to keep track of all those old pension plans? Now is the time to do something about consolidating them into one, modern, online, user-friendly plan. Until 10th January 2021, Hargreaves Lansdown is offering cashback of up to £500 as an incentive to transfer all those old plans to their award-winning Self […]

Don’t you hate the thought of being on a never-ending NHS waiting list?

As much as we love our NHS and their committed staff, it doesn’t look as if it is going to get better any time soon. So, what can be done about it? All is not lost even if you are close to, or in, retirement. This is not my area of expertise so I have […]

Don’t you hate having to keep track of all those old pension plans?

And do you know what charges are being deducted and whether the underlying investments are performing well? Even more annoying is that the adviser who set up the plan many years ago could still be receiving commission which is being deducted from your plan. But it is not all bad news. Since 2017 early exit […]

Pension Pot

How much is it safe to withdraw from your pension pot?

One of the biggest challenges, when the time comes for us to make this decision (age 55 onwards), is the lack of an easy “rule of thumb” to provide guidance. The benchmark most used by advisers is the “4% rule”. That suggests that withdrawals of 4% per annum are, on average, likely to be sustainable […]

Scary investment times – again.

At the time of writing this the FTSE 100 Index is back below 6000, Covid-19 cases are rising and more redundancies seem inevitable regardless of help from the Chancellor. So, what do I think you should do? There are some basic principles which have stood the test of time for both me and my clients […]

Millions leave their retirement planning to the “last minute”. Is that you?

What that means is that millions are facing a retirement full of doubt and uncertainty rather than confidence. Of course the earlier you start planning for retirement the better, but even when you are in your 50’s, paying attention, getting some advice/guidance, and consolidating old pension plans can have a dramatic impact on retirement lifestyles. […]

Wealth Shortlist

Hargreaves Lansdown. Wealth Shortlist – Update

When the Wealth 50 list was replaced by the Wealth Shortlist approx 20 new funds were introduced. Many of those were in Sectors not popular with my clients but some of the new funds are worthy of serious consideration. In some cases, my research indicates that the new fund(s) may be a better alternative to […]

Financial advice fees too expensive and unfair.

Recent research by wealth manager Bancroft Wealth found that most investors pay more than they need to for advice and that fees based on a percentage of funds under management are unfair. Only 12% of investors feel that percentage-based fees are the fairest way to charge for advice and yet that is the fee model […]

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