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2 in 3 couples failing to get retirement advice – is that you?

Those were the findings of a recent survey. Scary isn’t it? The pensions industry has a lot to answer for if people are scared to ask for advice which could have a major impact on their lifestyles for the rest of their lives. If the thought of taking expensive advice from a regulated financial adviser […]

Coronavirus – Drawdown pension dangers

Are you in the group of retirees in drawdown whose future lifestyles will be decimated by the coronavirus stock-market collapse? Hopefully not, but you need to be very clear how your monthly withdrawals are being funded. If they are coming from cash or dividends you are fairly safe but if investments are being sold every […]

Coronavirus: Just how scared are you of losing even more money?

If you are scared you are certainly not alone. A single day FTSE 100 fall of 10.87% is enough to scare the most resilient of us. At the moment we are all fighting against millions of years of evolution. Our brains are hardwired to look for and spot danger (and our investments falling in value […]

Higher rate pension tax relief at risk – again!

New government, new chancellor, and once again press reports are indicating that higher rate relief on pension contributions are at risk. As my regular blog readers will know we have been here many times before when the threat has come to nothing. However, that does not mean that it should be ignored. If you are a […]

Wipe out your entire higher rate tax liability for 2019/2020 – Find out if you qualify

Let’s cut straight to the chase. This is not for everyone. It is only worth exploring further if you can answer “YES” to ALL of the following questions: Do you pay higher rate tax on earned income? Are you age 50 or over? Do you already have medium term investments/savings? Do you expect to revert […]

Woodford starts payouts – Can you claim compensation?

Now that pay-outs are about to begin the question on many investors minds is: Who is to blame for this disaster and can I claim compensation? The first payment from the suspended Woodford Equity Income Fund is now scheduled for the end of January. Investors should be told on or around 28th January how much […]

6 tips to keep your pension planning on point for 2020

New Year Resolutions? What better time to have a look at your pension planning and see how well you are doing? Give yourself a mark out of 10 on each of the following points. 7 or more and you are doing ok but could still improve. Less than 7 and giving this some serious attention […]

Absolutely Crackers: Why have investors left £5958 million in the under-performing Invesco High Income Fund?

I respect loyalty in all aspects of life, but this really has gone too far. Back in the days when Neil Woodford was managing this fund it was a star performer, but those days have long gone. And yet there is still £5958 million languishing in this fund. A fund which has been an underperformer […]

Lindsell Train Funds – time to sell?

Let’s get something right up front. I am not a regulated financial adviser and nothing I say should be treated as personal advice. If you have been fortunate enough to hold the Lindsell Train funds over the last few years you will have benefited from some stellar performance. But is that about to change? Read […]

Which ISA is right for you?

Since the ISA was first introduced in 1999 not only has the maximum annual contribution increased from £7,000 to a very significant £20,000 but there are now a number of different versions. A recent article from Hargreaves Lansdown sets this out in some detail and is well worth a read. In my experience Cash ISAs […]

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