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In his 2014 Budget Speech George Osborne said:

“People who have worked hard and saved all their lives, and done the right thing, should be trusted with their own finances.”

This sums up the philosophy of The Investment and Retirement Coach programme perfectly.

Unlike Registered Financial Advisers we don’t tell you what to do with your money. We help you make smart choices.

You’ll get access to the very best tools, information and guidance available on line. Then we support you in making your own sound financial decisions.

Put simply we help you reduce charges and enhance performance whilst feeling in control of your money.

After all; no-one looks after your money better than you.

Why talk to me?

Simply because I have been there , done it and got the badge. Nice house (mortgage free), large pension fund (all my own work- no large employer paying in), daughters through university and well on the housing ladder, holiday home in the Algarve, and recovered financially from an expensive divorce.

No theory, no text books, just very  practical, down to earth, common sense strategies. And of course doing exactly what I was asking my clients to do.

Maybe, just maybe, a twenty minute conversation with me would set you on the right track (not the expensive divorce. I don’t recommend that to anyone).

Just take action NOW. Contact me. It’s not that difficult!

About Me:

  • I was a leading and successful financial adviser for over 30 years. My testimonials page shows you what my clients have to say.
  • I was a tutor for The Chartered Insurance Institute and a Pensions Examiner for The Institute of Financial Planning.
  • I have spoken to Financial Services conferences throughout the world.
  • I am married with two daughters, three grandchildren and three adult step children. We have three dogs and a cat as well as my dressage horse. I am a golfer (bad), love learning about new things, and being on the leading edge of financial services thinking. I am also one of those very strange people who absolutely love public speaking—the bigger the audience the better!
  • People ask me why I don’t retire. Why should I? I still add value to many people’s lives whilst keeping mentally and physically fit. If I am going to live into my 90’s there will be plenty of time for retirement!

About The Investment and Retirement Coach

  • After selling my Financial Planning practice I was still being asked for help and guidance despite no longer being a Registered Adviser. I discovered I could use on line services to coach people to make good financial decisions for themselves at far lower costs than using a Registered Adviser. And so The Investment and Retirement Coach programme was born.
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