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Hargreaves Lansdown keep faith in Neil Woodford

Should I stick with Neil Woodford’s funds? That is the #1 subject on which my clients are currently asking for guidance. Only time will tell but the fact is that his funds have significantly out-performed the market in the long term, notwithstanding two previous periods of under  performance. All active investment managers will under-perform from […]

Wipe out your entire higher rate tax liability for 2017/2018 – Find out if you qualify

Let’s cut straight to the chase. This is not for everyone. It is only worth exploring further if you can answer “YES” to ALL of the following questions: Do you pay higher rate tax on earned income? Are you age 50 or over? Do you already have medium term investments/savings? Do you expect to revert […]

3 reasons why you might not be sorting out your old pension plans

Pension plans you contributed to 10 years ago are just about as effective as a 10 year old mobile phone. So why are you sticking with them? Here are the three reasons that crop up time and time again: We are all natural born procrastinators. Getting “sort out those old pension plans” to the top […]

Are you ready for April’s new IHT rules?

The good news is that the long awaited additional “family home” allowance of £175,000 per person starts to take effect from 6th April 2016. The bad news is that the starting point is only £100,000 and the full allowance will not be available until 2020.  Don’t make the mistake of assuming all is therefore well. […]

Huge increase in pension transfer enquiries. WHY?

Recent research discovered a 120% increase in enquiries about transfers out of final salary pension schemes compared to Dec 2015. That’s a huge increase. The question is – why? My experience in dealing with a number of theses cases over the past few months is that there are three primary reasons. FIRSTLY. Transfer values have […]

FTSE hits new high – time to bank those profits?

At the time of writing this morning (4th Jan) the FTSE 100 hit a new high of 7205.45 before closing at 7177.89. Who would have thought in the aftermath of the Brexit vote that by the end of the year the FTSE 100 would have been 14.4 % higher than at the beginning of the […]

Financial New Year’s Resolution #4 – sort out a savings/investment plan for the children

I’m sure the Christmas presents were loved and appreciated, but how about moving on to a gift which they will truly value in the future? A Junior ISA could be the most useful and valuable gift. An account can be opened on line with a minimum of £100 lump sum or £25 per month and […]

Financial New Year’s Resolution #2 – sort out those cash ISA accounts

When you have worked so hard for your money surely it should be working hard for you. The average Cash ISA interest rate continues to fall and now pays just 0.52%. Hopefully you will be doing better than the average but even the best rates are pitiful. If all you have left in your Cash […]

Financial New Year’s Resolutions

Firstly a big thank you to all my regular blog readers for their support during 2016. When I first started writing this blog a couple of years ago I wondered whether I was just talking to myself but all the evidence now is that my readers are getting enough value to make it all worthwhile. I am becoming […]

Do you need an Investment and Retirement Coach?

The best of the best have a coach (just look at Usain Bolt!). Financial advice should be no different. Using a coach will give you a far greater understanding of your finances and leave you with more confidence about reaching your financial goals. You are a specialist in your field. I am a specialist in mine. […]

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