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ISA or Pension – is there a right answer?

For most people, pension plans are still the right way to save for retirement. With up to 45% tax relief they offer one of the most tax efficient ways to save for later life. If an employer contribution is available that’s even better, so make sure you don’t miss out. What we all need in retirement […]

Lloyds to push further into wealth management – another disaster waiting to happen

The recent announcement that Lloyds Bank is planning a big push into wealth management is really scary. The last time I wrote a blog about Lloyds I reported a record fine of £28 million for “serious advice failings”. Why on earth should we trust them to do any better this time around? It is not long […]

Pension transfers are now worth more than the average home!

If you are in the fortunate position of having been in a final salary scheme this is really good news to which you should be paying attention. Recent research from insurer Royal London found that the most common transfer value was in the £250,000 to £500,000 range. That compares to an average house price of […]

3 strategies to prolong your life

Why I plan on living past 100 and why you should set an extraordinary age goal too. Most people have a fixed mindset about how long they’ll live. Usually this idea is based on statistics, heredity, and their own personal health. But the usual way of looking at longevity doesn’t apply to everyone, and there […]

The true value of financial advice… £40,000… really?

Recent research from the International Longevity Centre indicated that, on average, financial advice leaves people £40,000 better off compared to those taking no advice. That made me sit up and take notice and perhaps so should you. As a regulated financial adviser for more than 30 years of course I believe that my clients are better […]

How much do you mistrust the pensions world?

That mistrust of the pensions world was one of the primary reasons why people were accessing their pension pots early was one of the less surprising findings of the Financial Conduct Authorities (FCA) recent retirement outcomes review. (yes, I read all 122 pages…) Since “pensions freedoms” were introduced in April 2015 the FCA found that over […]

“Bank of mum and dad” to lend £6.5bn this year… Make sure you do it correctly!

Parents are predicted to “lend” more than £6.5bn this year to help children get on the property ladder. That is a staggering amount of money — similar to the total amount lent by Yorkshire Building Society — the country’s ninth largest mortgage lender. Parental assistance is expected to have risen to an average of £21,600 […]

Can you identify something that would motivate and inspire you for the rest of your life?

Why is it that for some people retirement provides a new enthusiasm for life and for others it leads to a very rapid decline? I believe it all comes back to something I covered in a previous blog. One of the definitions of retirement is “taken out of use”.  I certainly did not want to […]

80,000 transfers out of Final Salary Pensions in the last year. Why not you?

My apologies to all my readers who have not been in final salary pension schemes but this is such a hot topic that I need to come back to it time and time again. The headline figure has just been released by The Pension Regulator following a freedom of information request. Some 70% of regulated […]

Funds which you need to access within 2 years should not be exposed to stock market fluctuations

Pre-election investment thoughts

Are we being too complacent about the outcome of the election and the possible impact on market performance and investment returns? Quite possibly. The amount of noise from the press and the number of questions from my clients is nowhere near the pre-Brexit level, and yet all elections bring market risk. First a disclosure. I […]

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